After seven long years I have to leave Leipzig. To strip my rooms of its contents hocks me in a very melancholic mood. I found old letters, I remembered things I had nearly forgotten. It took me a lot of time to read all these letters again and to watch all those pictures – but this travel through time definitely was worth it. Those were the days my friend. Those were the days!

Euphemia von Adlersfeld (a German writer) once said, that parting tempts us to say things we had not pronounced otherwise. So this seems to be a good time to thank some people. First of all I want to thank Karsten & Manuel for their constant friendship. I hope we stay in touch for the next .. uhm .. lets say hundred years. There are only few people who know me as good as the both of you. I want to thank Michael F. for being a good friend (and coworker) and of course for nearly a hundred gallons of the finest teas. It was always a pleasure to hit the road with you or just hang out and talk. Thanks also to Thomas L. for some extraordinary poems, for showing me how to play an first person shooter and for all the time we wasted together. 😉 I want to thank Leo for some very interesting discussions and for endless nights playing „Anstoss“ with me (even though you had no chance to win 🙂 ). Thanks for various reasons and greetings go out to Andreas, Manja, Oliver, Michael & Thomas Z., Patricia, Doreen and Anja. I had a real cool time staying here with all of you. Let’s stay or get back in touch, I’m not more than a mouse-click away.

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  1. Riipas Blog

    Now that everything seems to be home and dry I think it’s time to reveal where my path will lead me. I’m coming home! Some days ago I signed a contract at the 5C Basic GmbH & Co. KG and today I signed the lease contract for a beautiful flat in the very sa


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