Had a great weekend.

I’ve visited the Games Convention, the biggest fair for computergames in europe. I didn’t manage to get a free Doom³-shirt, so I was somewhat pissed off*, but it was fun anyway.
In the evening we went to „Paulaner“ for big, tasty knuckles and met with Markus and David, who came from Berlin to visit the GC too.
We played rpg’s on saturday and I merely killed the healing-bag of the group (also known as Brin, the unrestrained priest of Heironeous) two times. After all a really nice weekend.

*Ok, to be honest I am STILL pissed off, since the last shirt was gone, when this pimply boy, that was standing right in front of me, received his shirt. Tough luck again, after we didn’t manage to get HL²-Shirts the last year. Even tougher luck, that Karsten got a shirt and joshed me time after time. 🙁

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