Weblogs suck.

Ok folks, time to sum up January. Crazy how fast time flies by. I’ve survived Christmas in good health and on the New Year’s Eve I’ve met with Micha & Anja, Manu, David and some other people. We had a very good time talking a lot, eating even more and playing „Scrabble“. It’s always a pleasure to be with you gals! 🙂

I’ve spent nearly the whole January working for Sigma. Among other things we went to Augsburg for a whole week and stayed in one of those Etap-hotels, which are really „basic“ by all means. Nevertheless we had much fun.

Last weekend we did some roleplaying and even though I assume anyone had as much fun as my little self, I have to say that 6 hours aren’t hardly even a warmup, but for sure not a game. Come on guys, where are those days, when we spent like 15 hours or so per session. 😀

Yesterday Holm told me I have to work this weekend too, even though I didn’t want to. I was really looking forward to this weekend, since I didn’t see Anke for nearly two weeks, so I am pretty much disappointed. ;( ;( Lets just hope the situation will change in mid-february, when most of the bigger super-markets are done.

Next week will be stressing too, we will go to France, Switzerland and Luxembourg taking inventory for some DIY-superstores and a „Conrad“ electronic-market. At least we don’t have go there by car.

Did I mention, I hate those epidemically growing group of self-centered people, who consider every bit of there poor lifes important enough, to mention it in a weblog? No? Uhm, I do … strange enough, but I do. Over and out.

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