It’s been a while …

… since I’ve posted here. Many things happened and I will try to chronicle the most important things.
The party I mentioned in the post below took place in july and I was kinda sad Micha, Anja, Sandy, Nadine and Els couldn’t come, but it was nice anyway. Torbi arrived by plane and it was really cool seeing him in person, after we didn’t meet for a year or so. We created the manliest pizza on earth, roamed through Berlin and – to cut a long story short – we had a really good time and should do something like this again soon.
In September I went to a short trip to Italy with Manu and Karsten. It was the first time in my life I visited Italy and I liked it very, very much. Unfortunatly I catched a cold, but doc Manu hat something for me, so at least it didn’t get worse – and I had a lot of time to read while Karsten was dragging Manu from mountain top to mountain top and shooting an awful lot of pictures of stones. :E
In October I went for a weekend to Gera with David to meet Micha and Anja. (For those of you finding it impolite of me, to always mention Micha first, when speaking of them: I really don’t know why we got used to this over the years. It sounds just … right. And luckily Anja isn’t the kind of woman lacking self-confidence and being offended by such things. :)) We had a nice weekend, a great savoy stew and many other things.
When Micha told me a few days later, that fate struck them like a lightning, we were shocked and couldn’t do anything but stand aside helpless. I really hope you can go through or even over this somewhere down the road. Sometimes you can see no reason, ‚cause there _is_ no reason. *big hug*

Thats it for now, I promise to update this more often. Take care everybody!

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