OH MY GOD! It works!

After a downtime of something like 6 months I transfered my news-database to my own webspace (Thx to Markus for hosting this such a long time!).
Last saturday it was ten years ago, that I started studying in Leipzig. At that time I had no idea, what nice, strange, lovely, stupid and interesting people I was going to meet. Some of these people are still close friends of mine, some I even work with. Some are married (e.g. Olli, Thomas Z., Tom), some even have kids (e.g. Micha Z., Stefan and hopefully soon Micha & Anja) and some are still single. To some people I still talk nearly every single day – and with some I lost contact along the way. But be assured I did not forget anyone of you.
Maybe this is a good time to meet again in Leipzig an have a Spezi (or Beer if you like to) and a crispy knuckle at the famous „Paulaner“.

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