Oh no, I’ve said too much, I haven’t said enough.

I am back from the badly needed vacation – and I DO feel way better now. Even though I did catch a cold and felt weak for some days it was quite fun and I really liked the whole „punk rock + tasty food + alcohol“-thing. I took more than 400 pictures of the boozehounds, the beautiful countryside and the mighty lump of meat we grilled and will link some of them later.
Today I visited my ancestors and poked around within some old stuff I stored in my dads garage some years ago and haven’t touched since then. As always this kind of activity was funny and disturbing at the same time, since it brought back a lot of memories. I even found some old backups thought lost (all hail to the indestructible Verbatim Metal AZO!) containing some files that mean a lot to me. To let everyone participate in this happy event I am planning to do a re-release of my very first homepage once I’ve checked if everything still works fine. Stay tuned for this eye cancer causing crime against the internet. 🙂

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