A post in which the author honors the greatest coward there is: Dr. rahv

I know I’ve been a bit lazy posting news lately, but this isn’t intended to catch up on things, but to celebrate a good friends sweet success.

After countless years of being a doctoral student at the University of Magdeburg – or having „no real job“ as someone once referred to it* – Karsten not only finished his thesis, but also successfully held his dissertation defence. So I guess from now on I have to call him Doc Karschti which sounds pretty nice to me. (Just for the record: „Nice“ as in „that will annoy him a lot“ or in „he’s going to hate it“!) Sweet!

But seriously: Great job Karsten! Big time congrats! **cheers** And the best thing about it is that you’ve prolly finish your work before Manu wrote down a single word of his own dissertation! **bg**

*Sorry Karsten, I couldn’t pass the chance to quote this one here. Still epic… 🙂

2 Gedanken zu „A post in which the author honors the greatest coward there is: Dr. rahv

  1. rahv

    thanks a lot for your kind words. it took a lot of time and effort and i am glad that everything worked out and it’s over now.
    also, i will punch you in the face if you ever ever call me ‚doc kartschi‘. (i might be joking but you never know ;))

    i would also imagine that manu will not look kindly on this post. i don’t think he likes to be reminded of certain things *bg*

    thanks again. cheers!

    1. Matti

      Nah, don’t think Manu will be pissed. He’ll prolly never know, ‚cause he isn’t known for coming by very often.
      But on the other hand: If _someone_ would give him a hint… *cough*


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