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Obviously I haven’t been a blabbermouth lately. Not that I lack of interesting things to tell, but I am still the same lazy bastard I have ever been. But then again… no news is kind of good news, isn’t it? No, now it’s time to get up the energy to do a short recap, great things happened:

Is there anybody out there who still remembers my post from the 25th February this year? Denouement: Happy birthday Ulrike! All the best to you, your lovely sister and your wonderful parents! <3

Some other (and way less important!!) things that happened since my last post here: In July the infamous Jamba summer party took place and of course I did catch a terrible cold. Since it felt so important to be at work at this time I protracted the cold for weeks and hauled my rotten carcass to work day after day after day – it was awful. Let’s see if I learned something from it and will act more wisely the next time… 🙂

In August I went to a gathering of my World of Warcraft guild in Gießen. We met in a brewery where some of our boys work. Besides the inevitable high amount of booze and all the chit-chat even a suckling pig was involved in this gathering which made it as tasty as nice. 🙂

Also I bought a brand new zoom lens for my Nikon D60 lately. It’s „just“ a rather reasonable priced Sigma 70-300 mm lens but nonetheless I am very much exited about all the new possibilities. If there only were a nude beach nearby… 😀

The last weekend was a quite expensive but all satisfying one. On Friday some colleagues and I went to see Die Toten Hosen live at the WaldbĂŒhne in Berlin. While the sound wasn’t very good the band played a very energetic show and the fans obviously had a lot of fun.
On Saturday we (Markus, Micha, myself) went to Leipzig where we met with Karsten, Leo and Manu. We roamed from restaurant to restaurant and from bar to bar. Besides beef jerky and booze we had sundaes, tasty knuckles and a lot of talking with the old buddies. It was good to see you guys!

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