The Unblinking Eye

Today I joked with Karsten about Fate being the stupid bitch she is. Karsten of course did warn me not to joke about her and about her prolly taking this personal. Well, this is the second time in a few days I should have listened to his good advice.

When I arrived at home I found a demand note in my letter box claiming a hell of a lot money for a traffic offence I am said to have committed in Leipzig in June 2008(!!). Needless to say that I never heard of this and I have no frikkin idea what the heck this is all about. I don’t even own a car since early 2006, I don’t drive around in Leipzig any more. I am really looking forward to the phone call tomorrow, I can already imagine this office sitter guy telling me that he’s just doing his job, blablabla, a request for administrative assistance from the city of Leipzig, blablabla more senseless gibberish talk without responding to my arguments, you have to pay this or we make you, because blablabla and most important we have more pull, bwhahaha!

To crown it all I found my World of Warcraft account „hacked“ and nearly all my virtual goods gone. Of course a game master will take care of this mess and hopefully I will get back my stuff in a few hours time, but then again it leaves me behind with the question how anybody could possibly get my account data. Do I have a key logger on my computer? Luke Filewalker and Spybot Search & Destroy keep telling me that everything is fine and so does the Bitdefender web scan. Now I’ll have to stay up all night, waste my sleeping time, scan my box with a trillion tools – in all likelihood without finding anything. Gnarf! GNARF!

The moral of the story: I am not going to tell anything bad about lovely Fate any more. She’s such a cutie and I totally adore her…

P.S. I almost forgot to rant about prices. Today I bought a belt for my new suit and I thought the salesman was just kidding me, when he told me, that this tatter of leather costs something like 45 Euro. Srsly guys, this is no rocket science. It just a strip of leather. It doesn’t come with a parachute or something…

3 Gedanken zu „The Unblinking Eye

  1. rahv

    i am gonna pass the chance to say ‚told you so‘. instead i want to wish you the best of luck in dealing with that stupid letter from the authorities. this is something one can very well live without even at the best of times.

  2. Arno Nym

    Aaach, nichts wird so heiß bezahlt wie’s geschrieben wird! (oder so ähnlich!)

    aber das mit dem Gürtel – willkommen in der realen Welt. Einen Gürtel kaufen zu gehen ohne einen um zu haben mit +3 auf Kaufkraft ist … schlimm!

    Seih es drum … du hast für mehr Geld eine Kamera, Objektive und ein Blitzlicht (mindestens) gekauft – ohne dass ich Fotos zu sehen bekomme. DAS ist Verschwendung!


    1. Riipa

      Also zumindest ein paar Bilder von den Autos waren hier schon im Blog. 🙂 Und am WE werde ich sicher wieder jede Menge neue Bilder machen. Ich such nur noch wen, der die dann hochwertig nachbearbeitet. *seufz*


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