It’s been a while since I wrote here and that is because the post you’re reading right now was supposed to drop the big one. But well, I think that’ll have to wait a little longer. The Enola Gay will stay on solid ground for now. With no other news ready to be told, I am going to take the chance to promote my latest toy and talk about the weekend before last.

First of all, there is my brand new photoblog. Most of the blog’s pictures have been taken with my phone, which means that chances are, that they are shaky and noisy. Please keep in mind that this definitely is not meant to be a „look what beautiful pictures I took“-thing, but a „A picture is worth a thousand words“-microblogging-thing, that enables me to share impressions that otherwise won’t find their way onto this blog. If you’re looking for the more artsy kind of pictures, head over to Karsten. Once I manage to include my tweets to this feed, I plan to make it a tab of it’s own on this site.
Also I feel like disabling the flattr functionality for my posts. Sorry Marcus. This was meant to create occasional funds, if people like my stuff, but in fact it just created more cost. Tried and unfortunately failed.

The weekend before last I went to Wertheim to attend Sebastian’s birthday party. Admittedly it was back in February when he turned thirty, but he was out for a real special party. Something _huge_! Something that took like eight months of planning. Sebastian rent a hall, asked „Dritte Wahl“ and „Fuckin Faces“ to play at his event and to his own surprise both bands kindly accepted.
It took me a seven hour train ride to get to Wertheim, but the party was well worth it. I got to know some really nice people, had tasty food and – most importantly – great music. If you’re into punk/metal music and did not attend a show yet, you should definitely give „Dritte Wahl“ a try.

Tonight I am going to see Alba Berlin once again. Until now Alba lost each and every game I attended or watched on TV. Let’s see if this losing streak can be broken… 😉

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