Into the blue.

After Christmas being that dreadful I definitely needed some time to pick myself up and catch breath. I did clear my poker bonus, my move went as planned, New Years Eve was just amazing (Thanks guys!) and after three endless weeks even the lazy bastards from the house management gave me the keys to my letter box. But of course the next piece of bad news was just days away. And this one sucks big time. You know I am kind bad at finding the „right“ words in such situations, so there is only one thing I _can_ say: Get well! GET FUCKING WELL BRO!
Beside from this bad news things seem to work out quite well. The new job is just great, dad’s back from the hospital and it’s absolutely great to have Karsten around and do all the nerdy things as well as having those talks at the stairways which remind me at the good old times.
To cheer me up a bit I ordered a lot of cool stuff lately that arrives bit by bit, little by little. Some books (Neil Gaiman’s „Marvel 1602“, „XKCD vol. 0“, „Cyanide & Happiness“…) and even a BluRay player with two dozen BluRays ended up being mine. This week my new washing machine will arrive. From that point it’s just two tables, a bed, some chairs and curtains until my buying spree is coming to an end. And maybe a new stadard zoom lens for my DSLR and a new bike… 😉

But now it’s off to the movies. Black Swan it is. I’m scared.

P.S. Aaaaah, statistics. Sweet statistics. Read at Oktrends latest posts, why trying to be unattractive to _some_ people might be an +ev move overall.

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