On the road again

Last year I was cycling quite a bit, but during the winter I was sitting on my Wahoo Kickr turbo trainer a lot. I was riding virtual rides in Zwift. Then a couple of solo rides followed when the weather allowed for it, but yesterday I was joined by a friend for the first time in something like 5 months.

I left the carbon goddess sitting on the trainer at home and rode my trusty old BTWIN Triban 520 instead. I am always flabbergasted how this (slightly upgraded) 600 Euro bike can give you 90% of the roadbike experience that my 3500 Euro electronic shifting carbon goddess can.

It was a good feeling to be out in the sun with an actual human being again and to talk during the ride. There is nothing like fresh tarmac, the sun shining down on you and making kilometers with a friend.

I guess there will be a longer update following soon talking about the last three to four years and how I went to my personal hell and started my way back. For now, peace & out! Hope you are well & all the love!

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