On the occasion of…

… yesterdays football match Germany vs. Netherlands here are some of the eternal truths about our beloved neighbours:

4th place: How is a penalty called in the Netherlands? Miissedje.

3rd place: Why did the Netherlands not participate in the PISA-study? Well, the truth is they tried to participate but dropped in the qualification. ;(

2nd place: Why do all the kids in the Netherlands have such big ears? Cause their parents go to the german border with them, rise them up on their ears and say „Have a look, those guys go to the world cup while we don’t …“ 😛

Aaaand Number 1 truth about the Netherlands is: What does a boy in the Netherlands get, if he can’t play football at all? AN ORANGE STRIP! 😀 😀 😀

Ah and for those of you, who came to read something about my life: SNAFU, nothing to report.

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