Too damn lazy to write news…

… so I just steal some lines from Rahvs newspage, since they are valid for me too. I am such a bad guy. 😀

oh my! my whole body is aching from yesterdays activities! since most people didn’t bring computers and the weather was nice and warm we decided to spend the day at the lake. we were playing volleyball, did barbeque, some people were swimming in the horribly cold water while others were just chillin‘ and in the evening we made a big fire to warm our old bones.
after all it was a very fine day, people had lots of fun and most of us got a sunburn to remember it for some time.
and since i usually don’t do much sport and was giving it all yesterday it just may be that there is not a single spot on my body that doesn’t hurt today. but that’s okay.

I might add, that Rahv fragged OhGott’s frisbee with a stunning powerattack, but this was pretty easy, since Eismann broke it’s spine already with his mighty special-attack, the fearsome left-foot-icecrusher.
I further want to add, that the water was indeed somewhat cold. Something like 2-3 inches cold.

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