Another news update by request.

Since Karsten obviously doesn’t like my „No news is good news“-policy very much and even started complaining about that in his own blog, I thought maybe it’s time to give another short update even though not too many interesting things had occured in last few months.
Markus and David compelled me to sign a contract at a local health club, so I started doing some sports for the first time in like 5 years.
At the Games Convention in Leipzig I met some guys from my World of Warcraft Guild for the first time in real life. We had an awesome weekend with tasty knuckles, a lot of talk and even more fun.
Since September 1st Micha (some you might still remember him as [YWC]/[NVA]Sir_Torben) is working with David, Markus and me at Jamba. He moved from Cologne right into my flat.
I look very much forward to see Susanne, Anja and Micha in October at Anjas birthday party. I didn’t met them for some time and I am really curious to see Susanne.

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