It’s a kind of magic!

Tonight a kind of a dream came true for me. While I always loved Queen’s music I couldn’t attend a concert before lead singer Freddie Mercury died in 1991. In 2005 the band toured again with Paul Rodgers as their new frontman – and again I missed them, since I didn’t had the money back then. Last week not only their new album „The Cosmos Rocks“ was released, but also a massive European tour started with a concert in Kharkov. Not less than 350.000 people watched the show at Kharkov’s Freedom Square and a further 10 million Ukrainians joined the concert via the live television broadcast. Awesome!

Tonight Micha, Manu and me attended Queen + Paul Rodgers‘ concert in Berlin. While my expectation couldn’t be any higher (even without Freddie being there in person), the band managed to exceed them. The location was a desaster in terms of sound, but they still played such a fucking awesome show. Paul is doing a great job on the microphone and we were screaming and shouting, clapping our hands – and when even Brian May himselft had to wipe off some tears after singing „Love Of My Life“ together with the audience, everybody knew, that those guys didn’t just do it for the money, but because they just love what they do.

@Karsten: Oh yes, the audience jumps at Queen’s concerts. Frantic I might add.

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