Lamentation – An act or expression of sadness or distress

Lately I felt a criminal urge to spend some money and I was seriously thinking about paying my electricity bill or even buying a new slr digital camera, a gadget I am wanting to have for years, but couldn’t afford.
That being said it’s quite obvious, that something utterly terrible _had_ to happen, just to ruin my plan. So, after something like eight years my old TV set broke (again). Now I will have to spend all my hard earned money for a new TV set, instead of presenting this sweet toy to myself. Gnarf.
Btw: It’s exactly one month since I’ve visited Queen’s show in Berlin. While the tinnitus was gone a few days later, the memory remains – and I’m still totally freaked out about it. I wasn’t that happy since … well … since I can remember.
PS: A new entry in our guilds weblog done by me. If your interested in WoW or just can’t get enough of my writings, you may want to check this out.

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