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It’s been a while since my last post and (again) a lot of things happened. First of all, we paid a visit to Micha and Anja, who moved for occupational reasons from Gera to the Dutch border. While there is whole lot of work to be done to the house they bought, it is already a homely place to be. And even more important: Little Susanne said my name for the first time, which was a pretty exciting thing. 🙂
On November the 13th „World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King“ the second expansion to World of Warcraft was released. Stores all over the world opened at midnight and Blizzard did some release partys in Paris, New York, London – and Berlin. They did some competitions (a dancing competion for instance, where people imitated dances from the game), had musicians, developers signing the boxes and of course Arthas, the lich king himself, had a appearance. Also Blizzard brought some goodies like T-shirts and posters for every attendee. Of course we joined the event and it was kinda fun, even though it consisted of a of waiting. While waiting to get our collectors edition signed, a guy from took a photo of Micha, Bertram and me. Make me a C-lebrity!
Later on Vattenfall (my local electricity supplier) made me pay my electricity bill and seriously endangered my ability to buy a new TV box. Luckily Amazon marked down my favourite TV box to 649 € which finally made me buy it. Right now I couldn’t be more happy with this toy! The picture quality is just great even with DVDs and the games on my 360 never looked THAT awesome before.

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