Purgation – An act of getting rid of something disagreeable, flawed or unsatisfactory

Once again I survived Christmas and even New Year’s Eve. Well, to be honest, Christmas wasn’t even _that_ hard this year. Everybody seemed to like my gifts, the food was fine and (most important) things weren’t as hectic as in the last years. I even found time to start re-reading „American Gods“ by Neil Gaiman. *wave @ Karsten*
On Saturday I met some people from my World of Warcraft guild in Gera. We had brunch at a nice restaurant, talked a lot and laughed even more. Ronny came all the way to Chemnitz to pick up Leo, Frank and me and Thorsten gave me a ride back to Berlin, so I even saved some money by spending money at the inn. 😉 Again: Thanks to the both you! This was definitely something we should do again!
New Year’s Eve sucked a lot, since I had to be in Berlin and no decent party was set up. Since I love people, but I hate gatherings (I _really_ do!), I didn’t go to Brandenburger Tor where a million people partied and watched TV instead. Over all 2008 sucked anyway, let’s just forget this year and move on to a brighter, better future. 😉

3 Gedanken zu „Purgation – An act of getting rid of something disagreeable, flawed or unsatisfactory

  1. rahv

    oh the tremendous, neverending shame of you writing a new years post before i did!
    anyway, it’s good to see the new page up (about time, damnit!!!)
    as for new years wishes … someone i admire a lot once said „May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful.“ so there you go …


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