Up, up and away…

When I started to work at Jamba more than 4 years ago Thorsten was one of the first guys I met there. He showed me how to upload a game, introduced me to the magic of the SIM card „@25“ that worked with each and every handset and to cut the long story short gave me a nice and easy start here.
Over time we found out that we share our love for meat, black humour and computer games and became friends. When Thorsten started playing World of Warcraft we even had some chances to fight side by side right before his addiction cooled down.
Yesterday Thorsten gathered all his family and friends to celebrate his leave. In June he’s moving to Australia with his girlfriend. Even though this means we probably won’t meet for a long time, I wish him all the best and no unedifying meetings with stingrays, toads, snakes, jellyfish and whatever poisonous abominations Australia holds ready.
For all those who have to stay here Thorsten is writing a blog.

3 Gedanken zu „Up, up and away…

  1. Thorsten

    Thanks dude… really appreciated!
    I also really enjoyed working and slaying monsters with you… hmm, I can’t say for sure what of those things happened at Jamba and what in WoW 🙂 !
    When I learned one thing in my time abroad than that good friends never really lose contact to each other… the intervall between messages just increases a bit 😉 .

    1. Matti

      [quote] the intervall between messages just increases a bit 😉 . [/quote]

      Which in my case more or less means „almost never“. 🙁 I’m the f***ing reason why there is a word like „procrastination“! They coined that after getting to know ME!
      So everything is up to Thorsten!! I don’t want to put pressure on you, but DON’T SCREW THIS!!!!



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