Some days have passed since the whole staff dismissal thing happened. While things slowly seem to get back to the „snafu“ kind of shittiness, more and more stories of what happened to one or another colleague start to circulate.

Yesterday I learned about this one guy who really got mad at the company when he got booted out. Well, let’s put things straight: Most of us are sensation whores and so am I. Of course I was eager to get to know what he did in his anger. Did he yell to those HR/lawyer guys? Did he tell them all the funny things each of us wanted to tell them once in a while? Did he delete important data from his box? Did he smash his computer hardware? Did he maybe even give them „bad buys“ a good beating?
Finally, this whole tragedy seemed to have a fun part and once again I was ready to spit in life’s face and have a good laugh even if there’s nothing to laugh about.

When the colleague told me what really happened I was shocked. Who could have imagined that this guy is _such_ a mean bastard? He did nothing of the things mentioned above, but he wrote an very angry blog post on Facebook. Wait, he did WHAT? He actually BLOGGED about being absolutely super pissed? Where’s the whole getting mad thing in this getting mad thing damnit? It’s not as if this guy had a billion followers on Facebook who would spread the word, alarm the freaking mass media and ultimately ruin the whole company. It’s just some kiddo telling his fiftysomething so called friends on Facebook (80% of them happen to be co-workers anyway…) that he’s displeased with the whole situation.

Well then, maybe it’s true that it’s never been easier for employers to deal with us employees then today. Not only are we swallowing every bitter pill we get offered, but we’re doing it with a big grin on our face. And if somebody has the guts to oppose, the very best thing he can imagine is doing a blog post on Facebook. We are ready to fight for our right to party . We sign online petitions to get our favorite kind of chocolate back to the shelves. But when it comes down to forming a work council we drop our heads in shame. Fucking nerdrage. Fucking nerds.

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