It’s Christmas time. The time to sit in the parlour and sing carols along with your loved ones. So on Saturday we went all the way to Dresden to sing along with the Eastside Boys. Even though I do not only work with some of the guys but also run around wearing their shirts and own every album they’ve released, I didn’t make it to any of their gigs until now. Shame on me!
We started the evening with a dinner at Manu’s preferred Italian restaurant, which is not exactly a „punk“ thing to do, but then again we aren’t punks and it was nice anyway. The music part of the whole thing began with Lord James who were doing a pretty good job as a support act. If you’re into the whole US punk/skater punk thing you’ll prolly like them.
The boys themselves played a set of 20 songs including two new ones and a cover of Cock Sparrer’s classic „Riot Squad“. Of course the mighty watering can filled with „Pfeffi“ came into operation when the boys played „Pfeffi macht den Punk kaputt“.
Altogether it was a nice evening with an amazing show. If you’re into punk and aren’t afraid of some grim looking yet friedly Oi!-Skins then I strongly recommend you to attend their show if the boys are back in (your) town. For the time being you might want to check out their music at MySpace.

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