Hell’s bells, you got me ringing

One of the many things I particularly hate about Berlin is the winter maintenance program. Being grown up in the foothills of the Erzgebirge functioning winter maintenance is a matter of course to me. But obviously this isn’t the case in the lowlands. One day of snow does always mean something like a decade of icy walkways.
While at least the most important streets are free of ice and snow after two or three days, the sidewalks continue to be death traps for weeks. After a few days of people helplessly sliding over these walkways the former snow evolves to a massive icy plating that crushes each and every human bone it gets hold of. I need a car and I need it badly!
But now for something completely different: Yesterday I learned about the Leica S2 a mid format DSLR with the size of a 35 mm DSLR. Since I used my holidays to read a lot about photography I think this is a good time to start over with a brand new camera. Is there anybody out there willing to buy me this little beauty? With a flash light and two or three lenses it shouldn’t be much more than 35.000 Euro anyway. 🙂

7 Gedanken zu „Hell’s bells, you got me ringing

  1. Els

    LJ’s credit card will buy you this cam – if you finally and offically admit, that your regional provenance is far from the Erzegbirges _foothills_, but rather the very center of this hillbilly realm =)

  2. mikrobi

    … since working for a car producing company I would highly recommend to buy yourself a nice car instead of that camera. It pretty much costs the same. ;o)

  3. apanatschi

    no need to buy a car, spend your money on a bakfiets! enough space for your new cam _and_ girlfriend. just imagine: a romantic little trip through icy berlin without expensive snow tyres and parking taxes… 😉

    1. Riipa

      How wonderful would that be? I like to think of myself sitting in the cargo box and taking pictures while… oh wait… now that I think about it, I am afraid I was meant to be the one pedalling. Nah, in that case I think a car will do just fine! ;-))

  4. Thorsten

    Dude! If the ice is too strong, you’re too fucking weak 🙂 !
    A proper German body would laugh about those pity bruises and scream for more torture in order to become stronger 😛 !!!

    To world peace!

    1. Riipa

      Well Thorsten, in some way you are right. But then again it’s quite the same as walking two hours to a gym just to work out there. I go there to work out. Getting there is no part of training but should be as quick and comfortable as possible.
      So if I want to harden myself (as if one could be harder than me, hah!) I go and harden myself. But I definitely don’t want the frikkin city to do so if I didn’t even ask for it!


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