Tasty, tasty murder.

This one goes out to all the people who think it’s absolutely necessary to annoy us by constantly changing their relationship status on some community sites or even tweeting about it.

Go and check our the wisest web comic there is at www.xkcd.com

Lads, please get it: We are not interested! You know, in every relationship there are good times and bad times and some ninety percent of the time it’s somewhere in between. There is no need to report each and every of your relationships indigestions via Facebook, Twitter or whatsoever.

So be warned! The next time I recognize somebody setting his relationship status to „It’s complicated“ I might come around and stab him in the face. No seriously, I will!

Ein Gedanke zu „Tasty, tasty murder.

  1. Thorsten

    Hm, can’t really complain about this phenomenon… so far I’ve been spared as it seems.
    But then, I don’t really use Facebook and I fucking HATE Twitter 😉 !


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