Of new toys and a great show

I spent last week in Chemnitz and now I could use a break! Among various other (and mostly not that delightful) things I went to see „Eure Mütter„. The guys did an awesome performance that merged skits and songs from their first two shows „Schieb, Du Sau!“ and „Runterschalten, Fresse halten!“. Be sure to attend their show if they come to your town!
After a winter that felt like the longest, coldest and definitely most slippery winter ever (I _know_ it’s not true, but then again it really _felt_ this way…) spring arrived out of the blue. With the sun shining from the blue sky we even spent our lunch break on a park bench on Alexanderplatz and had ice cream. I really missed that!
Also my new MP3 player did arrive last Saturday. I already thought of spending my money on a new one when Markus wanted to change his mobile network operator and mine advertised an Apple iPod Nano as a reward for acquiring new customers. Sweet! Just a few months and a displeasing e-mail later the gadget arrived and to my maximum surprise they sent an iPod Touch instead of an iPod Nano. I quickly got rid of those fancy, whitish earphones and I have to admit that this thing rocks even though being designed by Apple. It’s fast, it’s responsive… and with Wi-Fi functionality and a damn fast browser included, it’s even a decent substitute for a netbook. Anyway this should satisfy my need for new toys for some days! 🙂

3 Gedanken zu „Of new toys and a great show

  1. Els

    Yes, hail me! =)
    And don’t think they have sent you this thingy just because of mistake or goodwill!
    Ask them how many employees are missing in their Berlin branches and how many were found – horribly tortured and mutilated with poisoned, rusty rakes =)

    1. Riipa

      Well, funny enough that I wanted to make sure to get this thing and did the exact same thing. Well maybe there is no one left to number the casualties… This will teach them to listen to authority!

      1. Els

        Yepp, I know that. I‘ve found plenty of those poor fellows in dark alleyways all over the town. They sure were frightened and most of them were driveling of horrible things they were exposed to lately. From yelling at them to slapping with rotten fish… One guy you even threatened to bruise his face with your very panty-snake!!
        Well, that’s a truly remarkable bully-boy attitude, but NONE of the haunted have felt the anger-rake until I took care of them!


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