„This is a necessity to save the future of PC gaming“

Some days ago I posted about Ubisoft acting like dicks and requiring a permanent internet connection to play a single player game.
As if by miracle it seems that Electronic Arts had the same idea simultaneously and jumped on the bandwagon too. But EA being EA they of course had to top Ubisofts dick move and passed on something like a note on the box that actually can be seen before spending your money on their shit. But see for yourself!
On a completely unrelated note LJ stumbled upon this awesome papercraft of a combat shotgun from Fallout 3 and I just wanted to share this!
2010/03/23 edit: Normally this wouldn’t be something to be moaned about here, but since it _is_ related I think it’s OK to mention. Yesterday the internet connection in my flat suddenly stopped working because of an faulty DSLAM. My single player games didn’t stop to work though. This once again reminded me not to spend money on single player games that require an internet connection to work.

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