Just a quick note

I just wanted to thank everybody for the congratulations on behalf of my birthday. Especially those of you who actually wrote an e-mail or (even better!) called me instead of just dropping a half hearted line on some social network or instant messenger. In times where everybody seemingly moved on from letters, to postcards, to phone calls, to e-mails, to SMS and finally to a hastily dropped line on a social network website I appreciated this very much! Call me old fashioned, but I definitely miss the times when there was more than just monitions and advertisements to be found in my letterbox…

Ein Gedanke zu „Just a quick note

  1. rahv

    Honourabale Riipa,

    reading for latest notification, I felt the urge to convey to You that the wishes I did communicate concerning the anniversary of the date of Your birth were neither in any way subject to gravity nor have they been half-hearted.
    Indeed, these greeting did originate from earnest desire for Your bodily well-being as well as monetary security and I will gladly re-iterate said greetings personally to your self on the day of the preassigned gathering in your honour.



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