Technical issues?!

Some user seem to have problems posting comments to this blog while using Firefox or Opera. Right now I can’t say for sure what is causing this problems but I suspect the captchas of not giving the right value. If you run in such trouble I recommend you to

1.) stay calm,
2.) make sure cookies are activated,
3.) wait for something like two minutes to reset the IP block,
3.1.) dance around your computer and mumble incantations and blessing of your preferred religion,
3.2.) get rid of the crumbs in your keyboard
3.4.) now really do activate cookies,
4.) reload the captcha until it shows a well readable three digit value by clicking it,
4.1.) read the text above the captcha that says „activate cookies“ and activate them,
5.) send the comment again
6.) and celebrate your success.

Good luck!

11 Gedanken zu „Technical issues?!

          1. Riipa

            Firefox again. Maybe it’s helpful to stress the point that the news system, does always give back 2 error messages. One specific (the first one) and one with a much broader scope.

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