Rest your weary head and let your heart decide

Markus, David, Roman and I spent the last few days at the ADAC-24h-Race at the NĂŒrburgring. Like in 2008 we went there with a caravan, which turned out to be a good idea because of the bad weather. Luckily the rain stopped every evening – so we could have barbecue. 🙂
Even after sleeping for something like 15 hours I am still kind of wasted, but the whole thing was well worth it. I think next years trip will be much more comfortable because we mean to get srsly rich in the meantime and start at the race with our very own team. 😉


P.S. Thanks to Ronny & Marcus for listening to my complaints about the damn export from Picasa not working and trying to help me with this.

2 Gedanken zu „Rest your weary head and let your heart decide

  1. Thorsten

    Nice pictures dude. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun 🙂 . I just hope you can still remember all details after all the alcohol you probably consumed 😛 .

    See you very soon…

    1. Riipa

      Don’t worry Thorsten! I left the drinking part to the other guys and therefore remember everything. I’m really looking forward seeing you guys in Berlin and have a decent portion of meat with you! Just a few more days!


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