Down to the waterline

I spent the Pentecost weekend in Wolfsburg. Even though the weather was unstable we managed to go out to look for a geocache or just take a walk in the sun. It always amazes me how much cleaner and greener everything is compared to filthy Berlin – regardless of Wolfsburg being an industrial city and Berlin not.
In the evening we watched „Boxhagener Platz“ at the „Kino im Hallenbad“ which is a pretty nice and small repertory cinema located in a (Hence the name!) former public bath. The movie was quite good and the supporting movie (No stupid ads, but a supporting movie! Haven’t seen this for decades! *cheer*) was as good. Luckily I found the whole supporting movie at Youtube so you can watch it too. 🙂 -Click-
Now that I am finished reading Art Spiegelman’s „Maus“ I would like to take the chance and do some more promotion for it. Buy this book, lend it or maybe even steal it but make sure you _read_ this book! You won’t find too many other books that tell as good as „Maus“ about the horror of the camps – and the damage that was done even to those who were lucky enough to survive.
Also I finished reading „White Line Fever“ the auto-biography of Motörhead’s (in)famous band leader Lemmy Kilmister. For my taste it sounded a bit too much like Jay from „Clerks“ boasting about doing drugs and fucking everything that moves. But then again he _is_ the singer of Motörhead and maybe his life is all about doing drugs and… well, you know. Anyway, if you are not a die-hard fan of Motörhead you might want to leave this one in the shelves.
By the way: The closer Ronny’s wedding day is coming (and it’s coming real close now!) the less I feel prepared. Most importantly I have to buy myself a proper suit… darn it. This will prolly cost me a months salary. Or at least something that _feels_ like a months salary.
P.S. Just a week after Ronny’s wedding the next big thing will take place. I’m going to see AC/DC for the first time in my life and Manu, Markus and Roman will be with me. Awesome! I can’t wait!

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    1. Riipa

      Winnetou verspricht der weißen Squaw Kaffee zu bringen. Winnetou weiß noch nicht wieviele Monde er reiten muss, aber er wird kommen!



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