Someone is going to pay for that!

With Markus making fun of Fate and prolly annoying her beyond endurance it was just a question of time until Fate starts to punish me in order to create a precedent.
Hence I got the annual utilities statement for my flat and (again!) the bastards want several hundred Euro of additional payment. It’s no as if the costs were stable for some years, they did heighten the prepayment just a year ago. And now it’s an additional payment of _several_ hundred Euro again?! What the F*ck!?!
/me is frustrated.
/me needs a raise. Badly.

Ein Gedanke zu „Someone is going to pay for that!

  1. rahv

    just wanted to express my condolences concerning your service charge statement.
    hopefully they will pay _you_ quite some money this time next year.


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