It’s Only Rock ’n‘ Roll (But I Like It)

Now that’s what I call a weekend of Rock ’n‘ Roll! On Friday we went to Dresden where the Eastside Boys played at the famous street festival „Bunte Republik Neustadt“. The Boys played some classics like „26 PS“ or „Günther Netzer“ as well as some new material from their upcoming split album with „Lousy“. Street Punk back in the streets – it was great!
We spent the night at Manu’s apartment and attended a American Football game on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately the „Dresden Monarchs“ had to play against the „Berlin Rebels“ so we didn’t have a problem to choose a team to support. Homeland Saxony against the evil Prussians it was – and Dresden won. *cheer* In the evening we wanted to pay another visit to the „Bunte Republik Neustadt“ but I have to admit that Markus and I just felt asleep at Manu’s couch right after having lunch. Seems like we’re getting old. Or the guy from the Italian restaurant poisoned us…
On Sunday started off calmly. We watched „John Rambo“ and „Hancock“ since I missed them both at the cinema and then moved on to the main event of the weekend – AC/DC live. When we arrived the Ostragehege was quite packed, but there were still more people to come. Lot’s of people. Something between 65.000 and 80.000 people.
The first band of the evening was „The New Black“ from Würzburg. I didn’t know them before but they for sure made me well-disposed by using „The Unkown Stuntman“ as their intro song – I just _love_ the 80s series „The Fall Guy“. They did a good gig and so did „Volbeat“ the second support act.
AC/DC entered the stage at nine o’clock and besides some new tracks from the latest album „Black Ice“ they played most of the important classics like Hells Bells, T.N.T., Back in Black, You shook me all night long, Highway to Hell and whatsoever. Okay, I missed „Money Talks“ and „Hard As A Rock“ which I personally like very much, but they did a great show anyway. The pure energy of these old farts (No offence!) is just awe-inspiring and I am very happy I opened my purse for them. 🙂
Also I want to emphasise, that the AC/DC crew damn sure did a hell of a sound job. They were loud – but not too loud. The sound was perfectly clear but pounding. I’ve seen a lot of the „big“ ones playing open air concerts, but AC/DC definitely had the best sound!

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