Too long, did not read…

Even though I am not (yet?) into this whole microblogging thing and even though I definitely do not need more things that are able to distract me from work, I created a twitter account today. What for I really don’t know, but maybe it’s a exercise being confined to 140 characters. Maybe it’ll help to polish my texts, to make them more slender and more precise. We’ll see.
Unfortunately the nickname „Riipa“ was already in use and I had to find another. Neither was I ready to abandon my nickname completely nor did I want to use one of those cryptic names like riipa77_de. After something like an hour of try and error I remembered Neil Gaiman’s account Neilhimself… hence I proudly present my Twitter account Riipahimself.

2 Gedanken zu „Too long, did not read…

    1. Els

      …and ever since he smells like it; just something between twat and shitter =D

      Twitter is just gross!
      It’s bad enough already that you’ve become one of those Facebook-maniac…

      Better keep your hands of this crap and find yourself some (cheap) hookers!


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