Of totally weird findings

Just a short notice on two of the most use- and senseless things I have ever seen.

First: An Application that keeps track off all the women you dated and had sex with. The basic idea of the application is that it allows you to enter details about your partners like birthdays, contact information, silly things that you should recall and track your encounters with them. Also you are able to rate these encounters and create nifty little statistics from the data. Read the whole story at Gizmodo or just watch the video on Youtube:

The second and even more useless thing is a technique by Gigabyte that is called „Cloud OC“. „Cloud OC“ enables you to overclock your computer via internet. Yeah right, countless times of thinking „If I only could overclock a computer I don’t currently use…“ now come to an end! At last!
Srsly people, no one ever asked for such shit. While I do understand your need to present unique selling propositions for your run-of-the-mill products, I would very much appreciate if you try to get my money by promoting features that aren’t completely useless and insult my intelligence.

On a more funny note: Yesterday I found one of the biggest „donks“ I ever played Poker with. After seeing the river card he called my all-in with nothing but high card ace. I might add, that the ace in question was the turn card and he therefore _had_ to know that he hasn’t the slightest chance to win anything. I love stupid people. Gimme all your money folks!

2 Gedanken zu „Of totally weird findings

  1. Thorsten

    OMFG! Who actually gives someone all necessary resources to program such useless stuff as the Cloud OC?! I mean it can’t really be expensive but still, WHY?

    1. Riipa

      Exactly! Also this crap needs a web server that is permanently running on the board, which is not just consuming some extra power, but is also a possible security issue.
      I’m really looking forward to hardware being overclocked way too much and finally being destroyed by an exploit. That will be fun!


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