Of hugging fond hopes

Being at home in Chemnitz is always this annoying „same shit, different day“ experience. Every time I come around, I hope that some things might have changed as if by magic, but of course they didn’t and they never will. While we had a real cool time last week in Hungary I didn’t fancy coming here, but I braced myself up and did it anyway. I should have known better…
Just to make the bad things a little worse I did fell ill with an bronchitis. The doc prescribed me some drugs but neither do I feel better nor do I see colourful lights at least. Gnarf!!!
Anyway I _do_ look forward to meeting Ronny this week. One of the rare good things about being here.
To cheer me up a bit, I bought the beautiful and most luxurious Collectors Edition of Starcraft 2. Even though I’m usually not into real time strategy games, I used to love each and every RTS game done by Blizzard. Right now I didn’t play much more than two missions, but the game already made a very good impression. The collectors edition is armed with a lot of cool stuff like a 2GB USB flash drive replica of one of the games characters dog tag, which comes preloaded with the original StarCraft and the StarCraft: Brood War expansion set, the inevitable soundtrack CD, a comic book, a gigantic art book and a vanity pet for each of my World of Warcraft characters. All told this box is kind of expensive but well worth it. It’s just awesome, so get this game! (I didn’t expect anything less Blizzard!) Now I go for some more slaughtering, I can’t sleep anyway, because of the stuffed-up nose and the shortage of breath. Damn bronchitis!

2 Gedanken zu „Of hugging fond hopes

  1. Anonymous

    HA! You bought the game ONLY because of the pet! Admit it! =)
    Bought my CE copy at amazon.co.uk for quiet some bucks less 😉

    BTW: tried Alien Swarm already?

    1. Riipa

      Nah, while little Thor is quite a cutie I wouldn’t pay that much just for a vanity pet.
      I tried Alien Swarm with good old Turrican (because Ronnys connection sucks and he’s been downloading for _ages_) and had a lot of fun. Definitely something we should play more often.


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