When it comes to numbers, things get a little boring for most people. Statistics however seem to be a different matter altogether. What People love about (pie)charts, is not just the almost hynotic simplicity, but also the idea of breaking down even the most complex issues to a point where an everyday normal guy is able to form a wrong opinion.

Hence I was exited when Matthias pointed me to this story at Gizmodo. A story about sex, photography, cool gadgets and statistics! What more could a nerd possibly ask for?! I strongly recommend to read the original post since some of the widgets didn’t seem to work at Gizmodo and there are more posts worth reading.

In my last post I forgot to mention that the guys from clan ~X~ phoned me right after coming back from Hungary and asked if I could play a match for them. I didn’t think much and accepted. Not less than six years after my retirement from TFC and with many configuration files being lost I had quite a hard time defending our base, but our offense was kind enough to drop us some flags. So LordKharn and I were able to polish our scores a bit. 😀 Thanks for having me guys, it’s been a pleasure! Let’s do this again in the near future, there is still no game that kicks ass like good, old TFC.

Last weekend yet another one of those summer parties at Jamba took place. Although this years location was quite exotic, everything was well organized. We enjoyed tasty food, danced a lot and even the band got exited about us. I think our people wasn’t exactly what the guys expected when signing up for a dull company party. 😉

Reminder: Just four more days until I order tickets for next years „Songs an einem Sommerabend“. Make a decision folks!

Overflow: Moar on statistics by XKCD. The result of making up numbers. Hilarious funny post: World War II on Facebook.

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  1. NewMaster

    Nice story ‚bout your jamba party, but haven’t you forgot to mention something? Shall I search my messages for those special rhymes, a lyrical climax in poetry? 🙂


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