Some time ago I decided to stop giving tons of money to the BVG just for getting at work and go by my bike instead. Unfortunately my wheel was kind of hosed and needed some loving care. Today I got the bike back from the local bike-fixing-place and everything works like a charm now. Sweet! When cycling back from work I took the opportunity and extended the trip a bit. Seems like a nice thing to do if I am too lazy for a real workout at the gym. Or maybe a cool balance thing to do after a real workout. One way or another I can see some cycling and a sore ass coming up. 😀
Also the ultra-cool posters that Markus and I ordered when the Oatmeal turned one year old finally arrived. But instead of putting them to the next best wall I spent most of the evening tagging terrible old MP3 files and jawing with Ronny. Let’s see how long this task will keep me busy…

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