Open up your mind and let me step inside

Last week we went to the movies to see Inception. Karsten called this one a complete mind-fuck and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been a decade since I saw an action movie that complex and that layered. Even though you constantly have to concentrate on all the seemingly irrelevant details and a running time of nearly 150 minutes, Inception didn’t feel long-drawn-out or even tiring for a single second. The movie is beyond brilliant, don’t miss it on the big screen!
By the way: Most of you might have missed Kevin Smith’s latest movie „Zack and Miri Make a Porno„, because it didn’t make it into too many German cinemas. It surely enough is not as good as Clerks or Dogma, but it’s still a hilarious funny and also romantic movie, so give it a try!
Today David presented me a piece of ancient technology for my collection of CPU’s – an IDT WinChip C6 from 1997 that he recovered from some office PC. How cool is that? Many thanks! Gosh, I wish I didn’t give away my mighty Slot-A Athlon as a „loan“, these beauties seem to be hard to get nowadays… that’ll teach me!

P.S. It’s been awhile since I successfully destroyed some of my non-IT equipment, but yesterday it was about time. When I brought back my stuff to kitchen after having lunch, I found my stalwart pot red-hot and totally annealed. Obviously I forgot to turn of the heat after pouring of the spaghetti. R.I.P. poor little fellow… you’ve been a trusty friend through countless packages of pasta!
P.P.S. One more for the road. I chose rather not to think about it and giggle painfully embarrassed instead. It’s a mad world…

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  1. rahv

    Just a minor correction, good sir: The latest movie by the aforementioned Kevin Smith was the horrendous „Cop Out“ which — despite having the mighty Bruce Willis strarring — should be seen by no-one because it is terribly, terribly stupid … but not in a funny way.

    –A loyal fan of you (and your pot)

    1. Riipa

      Be thanked for your response good Sir! While I usually consider your writings an enriching and refreshing experience, I have to express my mild irritation about your latest contribution.
      I am pretty sure that Kevin Smith did no such thing as a horrendous movie called „Cop Out“ and would never do. Did you made this up or have you been the victim of a malignant mischief that made you belief so!
      That’s just like your most ridiculous belief that so-called sequels to „Matrix“ have been made… !!!

      1. rahv

        You are a gentleman and a scholar. Obviously you must be right and the existence of the aforementioned „movie“ can be attributed to some nightmarish delusion of mine.

  2. Els

    Guess who’s still in possession of a 1000MHz slot Athlon *nänänänääänääää*
    There are also a P3 900 (including slot adapter) and a Athlon 1700+ (with 2400+ MP mod) around here somewhere.

    1. Elliot

      Matti, I may be able to provide you with a 700 MHz Slot-A Athlon soon.

      The good old piece of technology still works perfectly in grandma’s precious Bejeweled/Chuzzle gaming machine along with a GeForce 2 MX, though we plan to substitute the whole rig with a high power consuming… I mean… performance 3.6 GHz P4 Prescott teamed up with a GeForce 7800 GTX.

      I’m not sure but I think the Athlon 700 originally came from Manu, the GeForce 2 MX from Anja.

      1. Riipa

        Yeehaaawww! Thanks David, that would be a cool thing! I’m really holding my breath!
        If it weren’t for the crappy 40 mm fans, ich think those Athlons would work like forever… 🙂


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