New Gadget makes me happy!

After several months of waiting, the most mighty Fitbit has arrived today! When I read about the nifty little toy in late May, I didn’t think it could be much of a problem to get one of these. Well, of course I was wrong.
One of the main issues was that (due to missing radio approvals) Fitbit doesn’t ship to countries other than the U.S., so Markus and I asked the guys from Dollarpig for an offer. Their offer sounded reasonable and we agreed. That time the Fitbit website said that they have to fulfil queued orders and distribution of new orders should start on June 15th.
Now it was just some „minor“ supply bottlenecks, exchange rate fluctuations and the German customs that stood between us and our toys and it was only three months later when they arrived. /me is a happy boy with a brand new toy. /me will post more after trying out everything.
All in all ordering stuff from the U.S. still seems to be a bit of an adventure. For goods not to be delivered directly to Germany, I can definitely recommend Dollarpig, they did a good job and the delay wasn’t their fault at all!

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