The slate will soon be clean

Yet another week gone. And what a exhausting week that was. At work there’s a new policy in place that makes us be there a bit earlier. „No big deal, it’s just twenty minutes earlier!“ I thought – but then again this was at Monday and I was sort of well rested. I should have known…
On Tuesday evening the folks gathered at David’s place to play the brand new „F1 2010“ Formula One game. Also we had lentil soup and if I remember correctly some booze was involved too. Even though having a crush on racing games I was never really good at playing them, so most of the time the other guys did the racing while I had a good time watching and giving „helpful“ hints like „Come on you pussy! You have to go faster!“.
On Wednesday Karsten and I had tickets for Bodo Wartke and I was really, really looking forward to this since I didn’t see Bodo live until now. _Really_ looking forward. Unfortunately having a „real life“ screwed everything for us and Karsten (who had the tickets…) couldn’t come.
So I intended to clean up my flat because in a moment of mental illness I invited the guys to have Ursuppe with me on Thursday. I was totally willing to spend the whole evening for that, but Ronny asked me to help out in World of Warcraft, as our raid group needed a healer. So I „quickly“ run through the Icecrown Citadel and did the quarterly washing up afterwards. Not earlier than three o’clock I went to bed.
On Thursday evening we had a hard time to even get here, because of an bomb from WWII that was found nearby* and had to be disarmed. The police closed an awful lot of streets and no buses or suburban trains went here. Finally we arrived and what was planned to be a pot of Ursuppe turned out to be more of paste-like thing and we therefore called it Urpaste. We watched „Hangover“ (oh the irony!) and „From dusk ‚til dawn“ and once more we had a lot of booze (seriously guys, killing the gin was ok, but DID you have to finish off the rum too?!), so being at work in time was kind of my personal hell on Friday. The whole day I fantasised of my bed and how I would go to sleep very early. Well, not the whole day. At late afternoon Mitch invited us to „Hops & Barley“ on the occasion of his birthday. Of course I wouldn’t call off a friends celebration and went there for a quick drink or maybe two. I stayed there ‚til half past one. So tired…
So, no time for poker this week (which I consider a bad thing!), no arena matches with Ronny (which is as worse), the weather just plain sucks and me having not enough sleep. Gimme a break! Really, I could use one or two weeks off now. On the other hand I’m really looking forward to Marcus coming over from Stuttgart in November. Hopefully we’ll see Sabaton play at the Columbia Club (I have the tickets this time!) and generally have a good time.

*nearby like in „1.5 kilometers from here“

P.S. Again no „sex and bunnies“ stuff in this post Karsten. Sorry.

4 Gedanken zu „The slate will soon be clean

  1. Marcus

    What do you mean by „Hopefully we’ll see Sabaton play“? I am going to drag you there, come what may! They are play in Stuttgart tomorrow, and the only reason I am not going is because of the gig in berlin. So… Suit UP!

    1. Riipa

      Well, after this whole Bodo Wartke thing last week I am quite sure that anything might go wrong at any time. 🙁
      I mean, Karsten is very serious about all those concerts, but we managed the screw it up anyway.


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