Well, it’s time to sum up another week. The Friday before last we went to see the Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg play against the Hamburg Freezers. As I stated in my last post this was the first time I saw a game of ice hockey live and I really enjoyed it. After scoring the first goal, Wolfsburg was down by two goals after the second third and managed to score another four goals within the last third for a 5:3 win.
Also we went to find two more geocaches and both were pretty easy to find. This time I used a new software for my Android mobile. The c:geo client is able to log in at, to look for nearby caches, hunt them down, log them and much more. If your into geocaching and use an Android powered device, you definitely want to give c:geo a try! It even comes for free!
Last weeks Monday our bunch of „casual n00bs“ started trying the Lich King, who is the final boss of the World of Warcraft expansion „Wrath of the Lich King“. We had like twelve tries and managed to bring him down to 5 percent. Last Wednesday the guild had some more tries but was not able to make any progress without me. 😀 Tonight we had another four tries, got into the third phase from the first try and finally killed the Lich King and earned the title „Kingslayer“. So, once again evil is punished and we are ready to face the next and even more evil evil in the upcoming expansion Cataclysm. *cheer*
On Wednesday the guys from work and me went to fight the biggest escalope you can get in Berlin. To our greatest surprise Micha B., who totally failed last time, literally _inhaled_ that beast. With sweat pouring all over his body he fought hard and he fought quick. The 1.4 kg of meat and coating went to his stomach in absolutely no time. All glory to the new Schnitzelmeister! Every „finisher“ got a cool certificate to hang up at a wall.

On Friday Micha B., Ronny and I went to see the glorious Chemnitzer FC play against Türkiyemspor Berlin. After scoring 11:0 goals in the last two games Chemnitz was something like a runaway favourite against the bottom club and of course we expected nothing less than another win. Türkiyemspor showed some offensive flaws but played way better than expected, for 30 minutes they even had the better of play, but it was Chemnitz‘ Benny Förster who scored the first goal after 32 minutes and „Paule“ Fröhlich later striked for the 0:2. This was of course not the best game I ever saw, but after all it’s extremely important to win these „easy“ games against smaller teams. Well done CFC, great attitude!
The weekend was a rainy and very, very lazy one. Lot’s of WoW, some reading, some poker, watching football, watching formula one… nothing to report.

7 Gedanken zu „Kingslayer

  1. rahv

    Review of „Kingslayer“ by ‚Riipa‘:
    I have to say that rarely a post sparked less interest in me than this one. The events described in said post in much detail relate in no way with any of my own interests. The post therefore utterly failed to a) make me laugh, b) make me cry, c) make me say „Uh huh … thats interesting“ d) make me say „Can i have one of these, too?“

    To keep this reader enticed the author should consider chosing one of the following two options:
    1) Writing much shallower posts to appeal to a maximum audience in connection with a large advertisment campaign concerning his site and the presented content.
    Possible blog topics include (but are not limited to): weather, cats, pop culture, bunnies, worldnews or sex
    2) Writing posts as detailed as the above but with content that highly correlated with the interests of this reader. I therefore personally encourage the author to chose from a set of topics such as:
    photography, propgramming, music, books, cats, sex.

    1) This comment should be completely ignored as its author writes it out of sheer boredom and ignorance of all the tasks that he needs to finish today.
    2) For a maximum impact on all considered target groups this site should exclusively feature pictures of cute cats (as should every other site).
    3) It’s almost time for lunch and the cafeteria offers pan-fried vegetables for the 300th time this month! This is an outrage!

    1. Riipa

      Dear rahv, thank you for your detailed feedback, it’s really appreciated. I’ll try to add more news about bunnies and sex, both seem to be reasonable additions to this blog.
      Nonetheless I truly feel that writing about weather, cats, pop culture, worldnews, programming, music and books would made a bad blog, wouldn’t it? I mean, really… what a boring blog would that be? Only colouring it orange and adding the „thanksgivingish“ kind of pictures would make _that_ worse.
      Furthermore I have to say that I find your lack of interest in gaming and geocaching disturbing. Geocaching would perfectly add to your obsession in photographing all kinds of stones!

  2. Salem

    Mr. S04 managed to down that beast of a Schnitzel?? As a witness to his total failure the last time, I have a hard time to believe that or as the interwebz likes to say „screenshot or it didn’t happen!“


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