Black Beauty

When I watched Black Swan last week, I didn’t think of the whole Swan Lake thing as very realistic stuff. An innocent, white beauty turning into a black being of feral energy… seriously, how could _that_ be true? Now this week it turned out to be quite easy. The innocent, white Xbox360 turned into a a even more beautiful, black 360 slim. True love and dedication, presented in the form of some bucks, made this miracle come true. A HDD twelve times as big, as the old one, HDMI, WLAN, super quiet, less power consuming… and most importantly: black. piano black. *rrrrr* Btw: Don’t even bother asking if you can have the white one. Arrangements are already made. 😉
Now I gotta run, because I have to do what the script says: „On the fifth day of the week thou shalt eat unhealthy food and do the role playing. And yes, that does include the kinky kind of role playing as well as the nerdy kind.“

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