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A week ago it occurred to me that I had some spare money to spend for a new gadget. I couldn’t decide whether to buy a lens for my camera or a Blu-ray player. Now a few days of indecisiveness later I don’t have to make a decision any more. Yeehaaaw!
Not only did Vattenfall send the electricity bill for 2009 claiming some hundred(!) Euro of additional payment, but also did my winter jacket break just when the Siberian hell with 10 to 15 degrees beneath zero broke loose in Berlin. Greetings to you fate. I feel honoured about you caring so much to make my life miserable! I hate you too!
Anyway, I bought myself a new parka and of course it had to be a nifty one. This parka seems to be the thickest, heaviest and warmest parka on earth and I want to stress the point, that I didn’t pay as much for it as the website recommends. Not even half as much. All hail to the mighty winter sale!

4 Gedanken zu „Paradigm – A typical example of something

  1. mikrobi

    … what a wonderful world! I guess you have to start over again saving money for sweet little gadgets. Best way to do this is spending weekends in B an praying for visits from your girlfriend. ;o)

    But anyway: Congratulations for you new jacket & have fun! :o)

  2. rahv

    yo *do* know that you can regulate your room temperature via the thermostat, don’t you? no need to open the window and let in the „crisp“ and „fresh“ winter air if it gets too hot (note: i resisted the urge to write „crunchy“ instead of „crisp“ although that wouldn’t be all that wrong).
    and on the matter of indecisiveness: i’d go for the lens. it allows you to take pics of the cold weather, of the fucked up jacket and you can even do a picture series of you freezing in various places all over town. the possibilities are endless.

    yours sincerely,

  3. Thorsten

    Dude, why not save the money to take a trip to a tropical island with lots of sun, ocean and perhaps even beeotches… depending on your current relationship of course 😛 ! You need to leave Germany once in a while and get some serious cancer-tan somewhere!
    Or what about some adventure, e.g. paddling on the Amazonas or climbing a mountain or…


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