Through time and space

Last Friday I felt like playing TFC for old times‘ sake. I quickly looked for a server with real people playing instead of bots and after some time I found the old magic to still be there. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are as ugly as ever, the net code still sucks big time, but this game kicks butt anyway.
With no grenades present (and therefore no concussion grenade jumping) it’s successor Team Fortress 2 played very different from the beginning and since then Valve tried it’s best to make it suck more. With every new update some new „super-powers“ were introduced and at this state it’s much more a one-shot-kill type of game, than TFC ever was. So if you’re into cooperative shooters give TFC a chance! It might look like crap, but it’s definitely more fun than most other games out there!
Enough advertisement, there is more to tell. The most exiting thing about this session was the people. When I saw clan tags from FsA, ALK and even our legendary brothers in arms YWC it was a bit like coming home for Christmas with all your family being there waiting for you. What a great evening! 🙂

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