This one time, at pioneer camp…

What a exhaustingciting weekend that was! Marcus invited us to a former pioneer camp for his birthday party. Besides the function room, where the actual partying took place, there were some cabins to sleep, a ping-pong table, a swingeing swing grill and lots of other cool stuff.
I talked to many friends I haven’t seen for quite some time, some people I knew from online gaming but haven’t met in person and a lot of cool new people. As I already foretold we also had some good games of Poker, there was tasty barbecue and totally unexpected I played ping-pong for the first time in like ten years – but fortunately nearly everyone played as awkward as me… *chuckle*
On Sunday we left kind of early (given the fact that we went to bed at half past five, noon definitely _is_ kind of early!) and while waiting for my train Ronny and I used the time to train some heads up play and discuss the hands we played.
When I arrived in Berlin at nine pm I was wasted and ready to sleep for a decade. This is going to be a looooong, looooong week. *sigh*

P.S. No flutes where harmed during this weekend.

3 Gedanken zu „This one time, at pioneer camp…

    1. Riipa

      Oh c’mon! I added the whole flute thing just to make 100% sure such dirty minded people like you couldn’t possibly get the American Pie reference wrong…
      Well, obviously I failed.

      1. rahv

        i got the a.p. reference just fine. that is exactly the problem.
        thanks to your reference i now have a certain mental image in my mind that i will not ever be able to un-see again! ever!


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