It’s a very, very Mad World…

Yesterday Karsten pointed me to an animation done by Isao Hashimoto that is apparently seven years old but which I didn’t know until now. The animation is named „1945-1998“ and shows each and every detonation of a nuclear bomb in the same years.
While everyone is well aware that nuclear weapons have been tested over and over again, I was kind of shocked that „over and over again“ doesn’t refer to a number like two hundred or maybe even five hundred. Not that anyone on earth would have needed to detonate two hundred nukes for any reason… but what the nuclear powers did is worse. They ignited more than two _thousand_ nukes from 1945 to 1998. Watch the animation here, it’s a must see in my opinion!
As if that’s not enough madness for one day I stumbled into web forum for Nazis*. Reading the crap those shitheads spill into the world is just sickening and stresses my strong belief in absolute freedom of speech a lot. People discussing about „racially incorrect“ couples and Jewish people being congenital bonded to be criminals feels so disgusting and makes me rage in helpless anger. It makes me want to cry „Somebody _DO_ something about this…“ but I know it doesn’t make any sense to ban such stuff. Those people just move their servers to another country that does not forbid and suddenly internationalisation is not that bad any more…

So, everybody: _DO_ something! Talk, educate, be cross and maybe most importantly: Don’t turn away but intervene! Sage NEIN!

*I thought long about linking to this crap, because seeing is believing and maybe it would have helped raising awareness. Also I am quite confident that non of the people reading this will be seduced by the simple „truths“ of these people. But then again I am responsible for the links on my page and I decided not to take any risk by linking to anti-constitutional and prolly indictable stuff.

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