Of balls being hit and heros returned

With yesterdays news being kind of depressing it’s time to take a look on the bright side life. Today our team went playing golf at the Golf Resort Pankow which was great fun. We practised the most basic things on the driving range before we moved on to a 3-hole training course where everybody is allowed to play. Of course we played like shit, but it’s good to know that there’s a place nearby, where you can practise golf without having a licence or having to pay club fee.
Also the HTC Hero I carry with me got an update to Android 2.1 today. Even though this update isn’t officially released for Germany, David found out a pretty easy way to get it anyway. I just had to set the phones date to 2011 and instantly a message popped up, telling me of an update being ready to download. When I chose the HTC Hero as one of our test devices, I was pretty confident that over time HTC would give a lot of sweet love to what was there flagship phone back then, but the exact opposite did happen. Prior to this 2.1-Update the Hero was one of the last devices that had to deal with crappy Android 1.5, there were no updates to 1.6 or whatsoever. Now it seems as if the old Hero is back into play with free navigation, Google Goggles and all the other cool stuff that comes with Android 2.1. YEEEHAW!
And to make this day even better my World of Warcraft druid got the ultra-cool and pretty rare blue protodrake mount dropped at the Utgarde pinnacle. Yeah, another rare mount for one of my chars, even if it’s not my main char! Hey fate, more of these days please!

3 Gedanken zu „Of balls being hit and heros returned

  1. Anonymous

    At least you’ve got an update. Think my only chance to see 2.1 is to order a new phone (which isn’t that bad – unpacking an new gadget makes me feel like x-mas every time).

  2. Marcus

    Yeah, lucky bastard!
    My Samsung Galaxy (at that time the best Android) will probably stay on 1.5 forever.

    Also Kudos for the Drake, now our two Druids can go out with matching rides 🙂

    1. Riipa

      After all your Galaxy is the reason I still hesitate to buy the Galaxy S i9000. I read some user experiences on Amazon that remarkable sound like the problems you experienced.
      Display, CPU and GPU are just great and I would love to get my hands on such a gadget, but seemingly Samsung screwed up the software… again. What a shame!
      Kudos are appreciated! Miss the days, when we were kicking some asses in the game!


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