6 Gedanken zu „Hungary 2010

  1. Els

    You’re in Hungary, the homeland of the Salami and the cheap gypsy hookers and you’re making pictures of flowers, the moon and rotten teleindicator units???!
    I mean WTF?!
    Pull yourself together man!! Getting older does not excuse for getting frowzy!
    Now take your cam, go out and bring us some naughty or at least controversial pictures!

    1. Riipa

      Rest assured that there ARE controversial pictures. Pictures that could make one think Mitch didn’t drink enough. Pictures that could make one think Elliot married an umbrella heater. Is _that_ naughty enough for you?
      But of course I wouldn’t put them pics on the front page of this blog – I just send them to each and every person who asks. 😀
      Btw: We _did_ see some gypsy hookers in Hungary, but they were in there forties and no one would take a pic of them. True story bro…

        1. Els

          Ahh… That explains why they have kissed each other all morning long under this huge GAY-PRIDE flag…
          Well, I couldn’t look for long – because it was just too disgusting – but I think I can remember both were wearing rainbow-colored wedding rings and those particular pants that boldly exposed their – let’s call it „lower back chunks“…
          Gross you guys!! GROSS it was I tell you!!!


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