Of battles won and balloons ruptured

This one is to honour a brave man! When Elliot discovered the quarterly washing-up for Q2 and Q3 not miraculously done by a pixy and the dishes already whispering _things_ to him, he didn’t think much (less than two weeks!) and then attacked without showing the slightest bit of fear. Under a pale moon the battle raged for hours, the foulness got purged and death and decay flushed away from one plate after another, fingers macerated and as a new day’s light softly layed upon his kitchen, the world was not the same anymore. In an heroic effort Elliot made this world a better place, so please join me in thanking him! If Elliot should ever fully recover from this battle’s bruises, you might want to sent him a plea to fight your dishes too.

As you might have imagined by reading this posts introduction, the last days (while not being uneventful at all), lacked of big news I am ready to share. Last weekend we all went to help our colleague Stefan with his house moving. Later Markus and I went for a bike tour, but unfortunately Berlin attacked my bike’s back tyre and his bicycle light, so we had to give up after just 1.5 km. Damn you Berlin, damn you a thousand times! Later this evening I went to visit Elliot. He served some really tasty burgers and we watched some guy who’s name I already forgot to permanently clinch at Wladimir Klitschko and Wladimir beating the sh*t out of him. Sweet.
On Sunday I went to see Hertha Berlin playing against Arminia Bielefeld with Micha B. He got his hands on some complimentary tickets and was kind enough to share them with me. Now that’s what I call lived solidarity between fans from Herne West and Lüdenscheid Nord. Even though the sun tried to fry us in our own grease and the BVG once more showed their endless skills in the field of incompetence, it’s been a great pleasure.
Tonight I am going to attend my first ice hockey game. Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg faces the Hamburg Freezers and I am quite looking forward to this, since I’ve played Electronic Arts‘ NHL Hockey series for countless hours, I did watch one or another game on TV, but I didn’t attend a game yet.

P.S. Yet another wicked one by SMBC. I like this kind of humour!

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