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I’ve been a bit lazy lately updating the site so let’s do a short recap.
The weekend before last Marcus came to Berlin to pay me a visit and see Swedish power metal sensation Sabaton with me. Because of the shitty weather we did only a little sight seeing and a lot of gaming. Marcus turned out to be talented racer at Forza Motorsport 3 and I guess we both had a lot of fun. On Tuesday we went to see Sabaton with Mario and Silke. We arrived just in time to see Alestorm who did a helluva support job. The first time I heard of Alestorm and the „True Scottish Pirate Metal“ they play, I couldn’t help but laugh. Then I listened to them and what can I say… it IS True Scottish Pirate Metal. Arrrrrr! 😀
Sabaton were just great. A kick-ass band with kick-ass songs, walls of sound and a history lesson as an extra. What I like most about the band is their good sense of humour. Contrary to their martial appearance and their reflective lyrics they don’t take themselves too seriously after all. Therefore Sabaton is an absolute recommendation, you should go and see them!
On Thursday my copy of „Gib Acht“ the brand new album from Dritte Wahl arrived and on totally unrelated news we went to David to see Microsoft Kinect and Grant Turismo 5 and have a nice meal.
Last weekend I went to Leipzig to visit Leo, have a tasty knuckle and to see the glorious Chemnitzer FC battling „Rote Brause Leipzig“ for supremacy in the Regionalliga Nord. Much to my delectation Ronny and Ela, whom I did not see since June, did join in from Gera for the knuckle-part. On the battlefield „Rote Brause“ managed to achieve a draw against the sky-blue heroes but nevertheless I am sure that Chemnitz will prevail in the end! Maybe the best thing about the game was that despite the freezing cold not less than 4500 people came from Chemnitz to see the team, which is an awesome number!
And by the way: I got fired today. No hard feelings though, ‚cause it is kind of good news I guess. I’m going to leave Berlin asap. *cheers*

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